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Welcome to Learning Links School! As you may know or soon find out, our school is uniquely different from traditional educational approaches in many ways. From our educational philosophy to daily curriculum, our primary focus at Learning Links School is to educate the "whole child". For us it is a promise that is defined, expected, and recognized as a tangible part of our program. Hopefully our website will give you all of the information that you need as a current or prospective parent. Our doors are always open to assist you.

Olga Ruiz, Founder

Principal Director

[email protected] 

Yarisa Valle, Founder

Administrative Director

[email protected]

Zaida Garcia

Principal Secretary

[email protected]

Ariana Zelonker Harris

Elementary School Assistant Principal

[email protected]

Stephanie Hernandez

Middle and High School Assistant Principal

[email protected]

Our History

Learning Links school was established in 2007 as an option for families seeking a different school experience. Created with a teacher's goal and a mother’s vision of what education should be like for all students regardless of their emotional and educational need. Olga Ruiz and Yarisa Valle- Echevarria founded this school together both for different reasons but with one common goal and that was to create Learning Links School a one of a kind program for children affected by developmental disorders, learning disabilities and ASD. Learning Links’ primary focus has always been to educate the whole child and give every child the opportunity to enjoy everyday life experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the finest academic program for children with differentiated learning styles by assembling a unique team of highly qualified and inspired teachers, therapists and professionals who are willing to implement the most innovative intervention program in South Florida. We also believe strongly that a child's education begins at home and that it is only through a strong partnership between home and school that we can meet the educational needs of our students. 

Our Philosophy

Our school is a place where children enjoy learning and build social relationships.

We believe that each child comes with his/her unique learning style. Therefore, the program design for each student at Learning Links is based on his/her unique learning style.

We believe in teaching the child at his/her own developmental level, always respecting the student's interests and guide their learning through that unique interest.

We believe that all children live up to the expectations set for them. Thus, Learning Links School sets high behavioral and academic expectations for all of its students.

We believe that intervention is a team approach. It is not the school alone, Therapy alone; it is all of that and you.

Our school program is for students and parents and your involvement is required to achieve the greatest possible outcome. We are here together with one common goal. We believe in your child and we believe that we can make a difference.