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Meet Our Dream Team

Our teachers are an eclectic and energetic group of professionals who hold degrees in Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Psychology, and liberal arts with training in ABA, Floortime, and Sensory Integration. We’ve also added a healthy dose of speech therapy, occupational, and sensory integration consultants. We feel that a one of a kind program requires a one of a kind staff that can call upon their experience and expertise to create a daily program that addresses the cognitive, emotional, social and physical needs of each and every child in our care.

Primary Department

Ms. Ana Montoya and Mrs. Ariana -

General Studies 

Intermediate Department

Ms. Iris and Ms. Ana A. -

General Studies

Ms. Angie and Ms. Jessica J. -

Mathematics / Science

Ms. Jessica and Ms. Sara 

Language Arts/Reading and Social Studies

Mrs. Alexa and Mrs. Ileana

Mathematics and Science

Mrs. Stephanie and 

Ms. Luvia - 

Language Arts/Reading and Social Studies

STRIDE and PACE Reading Department

Mrs. Ana and Ms. Sharon

Broadcasting and Journalism

Ms. Christina and Mr. Kevin C.

Event Planning and Vocational Production

STRIDE and PACE Mathematics Department

Ms. Lambda and Mrs. Katherine

Broadcasting and Sports & Fitness

Ms. Alexas and 

Mr. Justin

Home Economics and Vocational Production

STRIDE and PACE Science Department

Mr. Roger and 

Ms. Alexa

Culinary and Woodshop

Mr. Dennis and 

Ms. Bernie

Sports and Green Team

STRIDE and PACE Social Studies Department

Ms. Rachel and 

Ms. Serena

Art and Dance 

Mrs. Stephanie and 

Mrs. Mari

Event Planning

Ms. Olga and Ms. Patricia

Language Arts/Reading and Social Studies

Mr. Kevin R. and 

Ms. Maria Paula

Mathematics and Science

STEPS Department

Ms. Martina Baldwin, Ms. Lauren G.,

Mr. John and Ms. Lauren V.